Dandy Boy

The life story of the famous Parisian architect Janusz Konorski. Raised after the Great War like a lord among the Warsaw elite, young Janusz learns that he is Jewish just as World War II begins to erupt in Poland. His home; his friends; even his beloved father – in an instant, everything is taken from him. With his bold, dark eyes, the noble Janusz can not blend in with the crowd; he was born to be noticed – now, he must hide to survive. He is helped by the family of the Falenica station master, whose daughter seems like an angel to young Janusz. This new life is traumatic for the eleven-year-old. He escapes his harsh reality through fantasy. When he is forced to leave the protection of the station master’s family, and care for a lost orphan named Rose, Janusz finds within himself the strength to fight, and even kill.